Emacs ESS and LSP

This is a quick guide to setup Emacs with ESS and LSP. Introduction Emacs is great. I love it. And I also enjoy using R. Good thing I'm a not alone. Thank you maintainers of ESS - Emacs Speaks Statistics. ESS will add some very handy capabilities to your Emacs so you can do some R coding in it. However, one of the nicest additions, the Language Server Protocol - LSP, can be tricky to install and get it working - I'm assuming you're using Linux, please keep this information in mind. [Read More]

Emacs shortcuts

This is a quick reference guide to Emacs default keyboard shortcuts. Introduction For a better understanding of the following content, you should be familiar with how Emacs names some of the keyboard keys. Note that the keybindings mentioned here are for the Emacs editing style. Using evil changes the workflow, and you should look for Vim/Evil keybindings for more information. Also, if you are using an Emacs distribution or a custom configuration, some values may be different. [Read More]

Change font colors in Java console output

Introduction The most basic output of most software is text in a console. That's how most programmers start, a simple "Hello World!" printed in the console. Although not very obvious, it is possible to customize some of the color output and add some style to your program. To change terminal colors, you just need to add an ANSI code before your string. One of the most practical way to do that is to create a class that can store static strings with that code, that can be easily imported to your projects. [Read More]

Generate SSH Key

Introduction Learn how to generate a pair of SSH keys. Check if there's any already available Open the terminal and list the content in .ssh/ located in your home folder. ls ~/.ssh Is there any *.pub file? The most popular and by order of preference: Algorithm Public key Private key ED25519 id_ed25519.pub id_ed25519 RSA id_rsa.pub id_rsa If there's a file, copy the content from the *.pub to your Git host service. [Read More]

Git basics

Introduction This is a quick reference file to help new users to configure git. Create an SSH Key - Mandatory This guide (coming soon) is to be used with an SSH Key. This is how you can easily generate one. Basic global configuration This step is only required for the first time configuration, or if using multiple git accounts. Enter the credentials for the account to be used. git config --global user. [Read More]